Nutrition and Diet Department

Nutrition and Diet Department

Duygu Hospital's Nutrition and Diet Department is in service of all kinds of field nutrition, infant, child, adult, old, pregnant-lactic, fat-poor nutrition, nutrition therapy suitable for diseases.

The definition of healthy diet is to "eat foods that are high in nutritional value, foods that contain protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals and vitamins that need to be taken on a daily basis, to maintain health, to feel good and to be energy balanced".

Healthy eating is important for people of all ages and it is necessary for healthy body care, brain, heart and other organs to function, to feel good, to be healthy and strong.

Vitamins can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies by increasing the risk of developing a variety of nutritional diseases, including minerals, too many proteins, carbohydrates or fats.

Services provided in the Department of Nutrition and Diet

Individual healthy weight loss and protection programs

Medical nutrition treatments for diseases

Weight control and follow-up during pregnancy and lactation

Medical nutrition therapy in pregnancy diabetes

Nutrition follow-up in childhood and adolescent obesity


Doctor of Nutrition and Diet Department

Dietitian Ilksen Sena AKIN