Internal Diseases

Internal Medicine Clinic

About the Department

Internal Medicine discipline forms the basis for all clinical branches of medicine. The problems of the vast majority of patients applying to health facilities are of interest to internal diseases.

Pre-operatively and post-operatively many cases are directly involved with Internal Medicine Clinic in the solution of the heart, lung (respiratory) and kidney liver problems.

Duygu Hospital's Internal Medicine Clinic is continuously carried out by internal medicine specialists for 24 hours. In this service, we can count outpatient clinic examinations, inpatient follow-up and treatment, check-up and emergency services.


Services provided at the Department of Internal Medicine

Diabetes mellitus

Blood pressure (Hypertension)

Liver, Biliary diseases

Endocrinology (Thyroid, adrenal gland pituitary and diseases)

Metabolic diseases and obesity (cholesterol, triglyceride elevations, gut disease, other metabolic diseases)

Diseases of the digestive system (ulcer, gastritis, reflux disease, colitis)

Anemia and blood diseases, diagnosis and treatment


Doctors of Internal Medicine Department

Exp. Dr. Mübeccel GÜMRAH

Exp. Dr. Alaaddin AVCUL