Emergency Services

About the Department

Private Duygu Hospital  Emergency Service Department is working 24 hours a day every day. Our emergency physician conducts consultations with other departments' physicians after the necessary intervention and initiatives, and directs the patient to the relevant department's specialist according to urgency.

Patients of all age groups can receive services from our emergency department. Emergency Service Department is supported by all other departments in the hospital during day time. Also laboratories, radiology, anesthesia, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric specialists and other departments physicians support during night.

Imaging and laboratory tests with radiology support can be performed in our hospital 24 hours a day.

The ambulance service serves both as a patient transfer and as a pre-hospital medical care unit. The Emergency Service Department carries out the ambulance service in the city and outside of the city for 24 hours in the presence of the carrier, nurse and doctor when necessary.

Services provided at the Emergency Department

· 24 hour emergency inspection

· 24 hour laboratory

· 24 hour intervention

· 24 hour dental diseases

· 24 hour anesthesia and reanimation

· 24 hour internal medicine

· 24-hour pediatric diseases

· 24-hour gynecological diseases

· 24 hour birth

· 24 hour intensive care

Emergency Department Doctor