Clinical Microbiology And Biochemistry Laboratory

Duygu Hospital laboratory provides services to patients 24/7 basis, with a microbiology and clinical microbiology Expert Doctor, 6 laboratories, 1 secretary and 2 assistant staff.

The department where the hormones are worked. Tests to help assess the body's vitamins and hormonal status, as well as genetic-based tests of the baby's mother in pregnancy at the same time are some of the parameters studied in this section.

Evaluating blood coagulation; tests that help in interpreting bleeding clotting disorders are included in this group.

The evaluation of the blood count (hemoglobin, haematocrit), red blood cell, white blood cells, and all other blood cells are example of the tests being studied.

Some parameters related to jaundice related tests (hepatitis B, hepatitis C) and some important viral and parasitic diseases (such as Toxoplasma, CMV, HSV) in pregnancy are also observed in our laboratory.

There are many tests that help determine the presence of the allergen and what substances it has developed against the major problem of our age.

Studies are being conducted on the existence of various drug levels and some toxic substances.