Cardiology is a science which examines heart and circulatory system diseases.

While cardiology is a subspecialty of internal diseases, nowadays it works as a separate branch of medicine. The accumulation of know-how through research and development of new technologies, has enabled the development of sub-sciences and the development of cardiology.

Heart and vascular diseases are the most important health problems in our country as well as all over the world. Knowing the risk factors that cause the disease and starting the necessary treatments for them and thus preventing the disease is the primary goal. It is also very important to confirm the diagnosis by the necessary examinations after the disease statement has been started and to start the most appropriate treatment at the earliest possible time. Duygu Hospital's Cardiology Unit works to protect our people's heart health and provides adult illness group diagnosis, and treatment services.


Services provided at the Department of Cardiology

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Doctor of Cardiology

Associate Prof. Dr. Murat YÜCE