Brain, Spinal and Neural Surgery

About the Department

Brain and neurosurgeon is a surgical specialist who treats central and peripheral nervous system disorders through mechanical intervention.


The diagnosis and treatment of brain and spinal cord diseases are provided in our hospital.

Technology is the key for both pre-operation and during operation. Duygu Hospital is equipped with MRI, Tomography, Laboratory, Fluoroscopy. 

There are also some special techniques are used in order to both minimizing the pain and increasing the healing process after the operation; The Minimally invasive techniques and Full Endoscopic methods are used in brain and nerve surgery operations.

Services in the Brain, Spinal and Neurosurgical Department

Herniated Disc

Neck Hernia

Spine Diseases

Cerebral and spinal tumors

Nerve entrapment

Waist Slip (Listezis)

Endoscopic Discectomy

Treatment of Functional Diseases


Brain, Spinal and Neurosurgery Department Doctor

Exp. Sevda UĞRAŞ