1-7 October World Breastfeeding Week

# Dünyaemzirmehafta of between 1-7 October. We encourage breastfeeding as #baby dostuhast valve.
# 10 Best Hospitals must be known about the #Ann Milk:

1. Breastfeeding should be initiated within minutes after birth in the day the child needs is edilmel continue seamlessly between.
2. Breast milk is the ideal food for newborns and infants. For the development of children in this period includes all the nutrients it needs.
3 is very important for breastfeeding mothers health. Nozzles and reduce the frequency of occurrence of ovarian cancer. In addition, nursing mothers may return as well as a more healthy and less time to form before birth weight.
4. In the long-term health of the child with breast milk feeding also has benefits. Both hypercholesterolemic my adulthood as well as those fed with breast milk hypertension is less common. In addition, type-2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome, as it is known that breastfed children are less frequently encountered.
5. The reason it is not recommended to Formula feeding is also more common incidence of diseases transmitted by drinking water. In this sense, breast milk is a more hygienic food items. We also would have prevented the errors can be made in food preparation stage. As is known, prepared foods prepared by diluting more viscous than when you can cause malnutrition foods may also cause osmotic diarrhea and gastrointestinal bleeding. Increasing the frequency of occurrence of food allergies in recent years is still higher in babies fed with formula or standard.
6. There is the social bond between a child's development and the positive impact of breastfeeding mothers in the prevention of psychiatric disorders that may occur in the future. It is known that autism in infants fed breast milk to be seen less often.
7. The two most common causes of death in the mother's milk because it contains immunoglobulins that childhood diarrhea and protected from pneumonia. Also in many viral diseases, breast-fed infants with those fed formula occurs to a lesser extent.
8. Formula-fed infants are exposed to more antigens and autoimmune diseases are more than those fed with breast milk.
9. dairy owned by the mother of all infants born preterm birth particular week include osmotic load and ideal food for their children. This development is the baby of the possible protective feature some problems (necrotizing enterocolitis, malnutrition ...).
10. Breast milk is superior in terms of both availability and mission cost