Waist and Neck Pain

Slipped Disc

What is a Herniated Disc? What are the symptoms? The most common cause of low back pain with leg pain is a herniated disc occurs. The human spine allows the body of the upright. Spinal column vertebrae, discs and comprise bond. Located in the middle of the vertebrae in a bony canal is located spinal cord. In addition, two vertebrae of the holes in the side, remove the nerve roots as thick pow…

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FULL Endoscopic Discectomy

FULL Endoskopik Diskektomi Full endoskopik diskketomi bel fıtığı cerrahisi tekniklerinde en yeni yöntemlerden biridir. Endoskopik cerrahi endoskop adı verilen alet aracılığıyla uygulanır. İki tür yöntemle uygulanır. İlk yöntem belin yan tarafından uygulanır ve “Transforaminal Girişim” adı verilir. İkinci yöntem ise belin arka tarafından uygulanır ve “İnterlaminar Girişim” adı verilir. Endosko…

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Neck Hernia

1.Bo's What causes hernia? Seven vertebrae in the neck that keeps our bones have cartilage from disk. That's right, the jelly-like fluid overflow of the spinal cord or nerves inside the disc causes the neck hernia. Sudden movements, the commute in traffic accidents in the neck muscles to overload, unconscious sports, still life makes neck hernia. 2.Nasıl watch the symptoms? Or single lever wi…

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