Seamless Cataract Surgery

People living cataract problem deteriorates as the image looks as though she steamed a glass or behind a veil. Exp. Dr. Özcan KARAKURT of cataract disease, thought contrary not only in advanced age, could be seen at any age is remarkable. Exp. Dr. Özcan KARAKURT 'is taking an opaque appearance, losing the transparency of the lens inside the eye cataract. The patient presents with a decrease i…

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Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)

Glaucoma, intraocular pressure of the optic nerve due to the rising gradually leads to permanent vision loss and weight loss is a serious disease. Often seen over 40 years of age. However, infancy, childhood, are also available types seen in teens. Overall, a majority of patients, it is an insidious disorder that leads to blindness without seeing any signs of the disease. After you have made…

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