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Attention To Pain in The Postprandial!

One of the most frequently affecting the problem of the digestive system and often are detected incidentally in pulled abdominal ultrasonography during another health problem or a check-up for gallstones seen in 10 out of every 100 people is often symptom-making in society. The most common symptom when the severe abdominal pain and it shows. Abdominal pain is usually fatty foods like fries, e…

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Nasal Congestion Attention

Headache, nasal congestion and runny nose that manifest itself and quality of life adversely affecting facilitate the development of this disease and the difficult nasal congestion treatment should be considered in all sinusitis patients a durum.kulak, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgery Expert Op. Gave information about the subject is dr.bah Barnes. Exp. Dr. Mithat Topal Sinusitis is an infl…

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Air Quality is Prevents Disease

The lack of air quality is a recipe for influenza. Indoors, indoor air quality is the main factor affecting the people. Man is a major air pollutants. Especially when a person with flu-like illness spread by respiratory sneeze environment and moves it emits particles 1 million 40 thousand of them germs and viruses. Mechanically ventilated so the possibility of transmission of diseases such as…

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