What is ringworm, fungal infections of the skin on This disease is passed by direct contact and schools because it is contagious diseases are easily accessible to door swimming pools and baths. Usually especially between the toes, young adults between the perineum, can be found frequently in the beard area of dealing with Sığırlı. Fungus Disease Symptoms If it's in the head disease, environme…

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Skin Cancer

Causes skin cancer? Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. Needs to be done to protect from the sun to avoid skin cancer. Excessive sun exposure (including tanning, especially watching the sun yanıkg with second-degree water collection) is the main reason of skin cancer. Has a light skin sunburn more likely that individuals have a higher risk. The most important preventive measure is…

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What is eczema and why it occurs?

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin caused by the irrigation. Manifested by itching and rash. reason; allergic reactions like may be psychological or skin may be irritated substances. It is also hereditary in some people. Eczema may also occur because of a drug administered timeless. Eczema in housewives (hand eczema) in potassium dichromate bleach to, the various bleaches, and even depends…

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