Aesthetics and Beauty

What is cellulite?

What is cellulite? The skin's connective tissue characterized by painful module creates epidermis te orange peel appearance, curved appearance is a problem. Women 80 - 95 's was observed in three exceed my cellulite develops. First exceed the circulatory disorders, vascular tissue of dollars to the water textures are painful and sensitive. Edema is further worth noting that the second stage.…

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Fraksyonel Laser

CO2 Laser WHAT? CO2 laser treatment is safe, can be controlled is a method for tissue ablation. The wavelength of a laser, CO2 laser radiation 13 times compared to the water can be quickly absorbed state. Very rapid evaporation of water in the tissue / for providing the ablation does not remain constant in the skin and does not constitute damage nonspecific heat damage. Ie the epidermis in a…

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Skin Resurfacing With The Dermaroller Therapy

SPECIAL FEELING Specialist Hospital Department of Dermatology. Dr. ŞEFİKA DermaRoller BEK informs about skin treatment method. Dermaroller is made of pure titanium on the 200 is a device having a first quality cylindrical needle. Methods include first place in DermaRoller nesters provide beauty in the world, is applied by moving the skin surface. Needles contacting the skin surface and is gen…

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